Discover All The Possibilities with Your Body...

What does your body love?

Discover your body's innate wisdom

and create everything you've ever desired!

The adventure begins February 5th at 11AM PT

(your time in the world)

What is the Body Love Club?

Discover your body's innate wisdom

and create everything you've ever desired!

The adventure begins February 5th at 11AM PT

(your time in the world)

What is the Body Love Club?

The Body Love Club will…


Take you on a 90-day adventure to uncover the hidden magic and possibilities that are available with your body.


Facilitate you in unlocking your body so he/she can contribute to your life beyond your wildest imagination.


Be a space where you can freely explore what you desire to create with your body...and another body...without being judged.

Be a playground for you AND your body where change is actually possible and available if you choose it

Some Topics We'll Be Playing with...


Creating greater intimacy with you and your body


Sex and Copulation - what does your body desire?


Living an orgasmically delicious life - what is that for you?

Creating your body through joy and gratitude - not judgment!

Clearing everything you’re using to stop you from total communion with your body

Caring, Nurturing and Loving YOU! 

What is the creation of your life with your body….for you?

Imagine what your body could contribute to your life

if you played with all of this for the next 90-days!

What people say about playing with me...

I have attended many of Patty's classes over the past year on a variety of topics: sex and intimacy, money, and creation and I am so incredibly grateful to her for being such a present and potent facilitator.  She has this amazing ability to get right at the core of my challenge and fast. Patty holds the space in a gentle but fiercely present way and this helps me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and break down the stories I tell myself.  She is excellent at giving relevant examples from her own life and being an inspiring example. 

~Cheryl M. Canada

Having a session with Patty is like wearing that favourite comfy sweatshirt. She will take you to places you never thought of with such ease and so much fun. Talking with her is like talking with that one person you can tell anything too and just know that you will never be judge for anything you say or ask. She is such space and allowance of where you are and to get you where you would like to be!  Thank you for the session!!

~ Jennifer S. Canada

Patty, I’m very grateful to you.. what are the possibilities available now? The session was incredible! Your presence and questions opened up such a space of ease, possibilities and fun. This session has opened up more space and it was so light and expansive. Also your explanations of the tools were so clear I got them in a totally new way. You are a big invitation for me and my body and I adore how your pleasant and clear voice contribute to my being.

 ~ Daniela D. Austria

Hi Patty! I would like to share my gratitude with you for the session. My point of view on receiving has changed so much! I can receive now a lot more from everything!! This morning I was gifting Bars and it was the first time I consciously was aware of my body´s contribution. It was so light and fun. HDIGABTT? And the breathing exercise is GREAT. Thank you SOOOO much.

~ Marliese G. Germany

Patty, you are magical! Your online Energetic Awakening of Being session rocked my world. My body was so happy, at ease, and vibrating at such a high level words can not describe how amazing I felt. Your soothing voice, keen awareness, and knowing left me feeling total bliss! I was aware this session was for a group of participants however it felt like you were speaking to and working only on me. You are a gift Patty, I have so much gratitude for you and thank you for being you! Simply amazing!

~ Melissa A. USA

Exactly What You Are Getting

Weekly Events every Tuesday at 11AM PT starting February 5, 2019.

(your time in the world)

Don't worry if you can't make some of the calls, everything will be recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience.

Over the next 90-days we will create:

(6) Bi-Weekly LIVE Facilitation Calls with Clearing Loops and PDF

(6) Bi-Weekly Facebook Deep Dive Live Events in between calls

(1) Private Facebook group for unlimited support

And there's one more thing...


Live Energetic Awakening of Being Sessions

to facilitate awakening, embodying and unleashing all of you!

Over the next 90 days we will create...


(6) Bi-Weekly LIVE

Facilitation Calls

(6) Bi-Weekly

Facebook Deep Dive Live Events

Clearing Loops and PDFs for all the Facilitation Calls

What loving my body created for me....

Before using the tools of Access Consciousness with my body, I never included my body in my life.  I was numb, stiff, miserable and broke.  My body didn’t count in my life and I was functioning from the head up.

After using all of the tools we’ll be playing with in the Body Love Club, I have been able to:

  • Create two International Best Selling books
  • Start two ever-growing worldwide businesses that would never have been possible

without my body

  • Have total clarity on what works and doesn’t work for me
  • Use my body’s senses as a compass to create more everyday
  • Explore sensuality and pleasure as everyday energies - not just during sex
  • Have the best sex ever….every time!
  • Receive an ever-growing expansion in my money flows

Find out what your body loves and create

everything you've always known was possible!

Don't wait....Choice Creates!

Not Sure if the Body Love Club is for You?

What if I told you that loving your body will increase your money flows?

Everything we buy in this world is for your body; food, clothing, shelter, cars, etc.

If you didn’t have a body you wouldn’t need any of these things.  What if i told you your body can actually contribute to you creating the money for these things?

Does you body enjoy luxury?  Delicious foods?  Traveling first class?  

Your body can guide you in how to create these things with more ease and joy.

Leader. Speaker. Author.

A catalyst for transformation, Patty Alfonso is an internationally acclaimed speaker and facilitator on the topics of consciousness, bodies and creating a life that inspires global change. She has spoken on international stages in front of royalty and government officials as well as thought leaders and influencers from all over the world.

The author of #1 International Best Selling books Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness, Patty is also the host of the weekly show Consciousness is Sexy where she re-defines sexy as a way of being in the world with more consciousness and vulnerability.

Patty is the creator of Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ and The Essence of You™. Her signature programs have invited her clients to have more ease, joy, pleasure and communion with their bodies. Exploring intimacy with Self, her kind and witty facilitation inspires her clients melt away their limitations and open the door to new possibilities in their life with their bodies, business’ and relationships.