Change your MONEY situation in 6 months or less!

In order to receive money, you have to be willing to BE MONEY.

~ Gary Douglas

What if you could BE the energy that creates,

generates and receives money?

Gary Douglas says that if you read the Workbook every week, not only will your money situation change,

your whole life will change!

You don't have to take my word for it...

Check out what the Club Members are saying!

My hubby and I are BOTH making more money!

My asks and those of my hubby and family are showing up almost instantaneously!

For the first time in a while, I am truly Joyful, Peaceful and Grateful every day. I finally know that I will pay off my past expenditures with ease. Thank you Patty is has been so amazing to have your Facilitation 2 times per week.

Jenn C.

I now have more ease, more expansion and less stress!

Everything I've been working towards is happening!

Judith P.

It was imperative to do lots of renovation on my family home to put it on the market… and I paid for all the improvements with ease joy & glory instead of anger resentment .

I just sold my house for $7,500 above the asking price!

AND, my brother is going to pay me back for all of the work that was done !

This Club helped me tremendously to get through that!

Jean A.

When I came to the Club, I was broke, homeless and jobless.

Today, I have my own place, A growing healing business and joy beyond my wildest imagination!

Alex M.

Money is flowing in with so much more ease now!

I created the money for the Global Foundation!!

At Christmas, I wanted to send my son money. One day, there was no money and then suddenly there was money in the account!

Ask and you shall receive really works!

My husband just had a birthday last week, I wanted to give him money, then somebody overpaid me for a lesson, so I gave it to him!

Cynthia M.

"I got a raise! I feel a lot more ease with money and the pressure around money has dissipated."

Alejandra M .

Your new Financial Reality Begins March 3rd!

Here is exactly what you are getting....

First of all, this isn't like any book on money you've ever read. There's no fluff or filler - just tried and true tools that WORK. And it's easy to read. Besides, we will be reading it together on our weekly calls!

Over the next 6 months we will create:

Weekly Calls:

  • Read weekly with me from the How to Become Money Workbook via Zoom
  • Ask questions and receive facilitation based on the reading and anything that is coming up for you as we read it!

We'll meet every Sunday at 10 AM PT. Click here to find your time.


Weekly Facebook Deep Dive LIVE Events:

  • Join me Live in the Facebook group for more questions, facilitation and energy pulls!

Our Facebook Live Events will be every Thursday at 10 AM PT. Click here to find your time.


Private Facebook Group:

For extra facilitation and support


Special Bonuses created just for this Club Membership:

Available immediately upon registration.

Get those details below...How does it get any better than that?

Don't worry if you can't make a call, everything will be recorded and available for you to listen to later.

The How to Become Money Workbook Club is fully valued at $2,500

You can have it all now for (3) Easy Payments of $397!


Gain access to these right away!



A recording of the entire How to Become Money

Workbook read by Patty Alfonso and Friends.


What would

it create if you played this recording at night while you slept?


Or listened

to it every week?



A clearing loop which includes:


  • All the questions from the book as well
  • The Access Consciousness mantra
  • The "I am" statements in the book!


Imagine what it would be like to get started with this loop TODAY!!!



An audio loop with the Joyful Expression of Life Mantra that is given in the book.


I've been playing this one for myself and WOW...the joy that is in my life right now is beyond!


What would your life be like if joy was one of dominant energies in your life?



OOOHHH....this one is a goodie...


An audio loop with the energy pull directly from the book...


How does it get any better than that?!

What's Included?


(24) Weekly Calls

with Patty Alfonso

(24) Weekly

Facebook Deep Dive LIVE Events

MP3 Audio Recordings of Weekly Calls

Access to (4) Amazing Bonuses right away!

One More Thing... Kinda Important...


You must have your own copy

of the Workbook!


Purchase the

How to Become Money Workbook HERE!


Or click the image to purchase the workbook. 

Are you thinking?

"I Just Don't Have the Time..."

"A six month commitment is too long."

What is it that you are really committing to?


You are committing to you!

Until you are willing to commit to you, your financial reality will never change... #justsayin


Let’s fast forward a year from now and assume you’ve been reading and using the tools in the How to Become Money Workbook. 


**Your finances have been totally transformed

**Your financial reality is different.

**You no longer function from scarcity. 

**You don’t struggle to pay your bills

**You receive unlimited amounts of money from anywhere. 

**And you've started HAVING money rather than constantly spending it.


What would that be like for you?


Really, tap into that financial reality...


How does it get any easier than that?!

The How to Become Money Workbook Club is fully valued at $2,500

You can have it all now for (3) Easy Payments of $397!

Patty Alfonso is a Master Facilitator, Renowned Coach, Bestselling Author and Founder of the Pole Dancing For Consciousness™ signature program.  Patty is a sought-after motivational speaker, writer and teacher who has notably changed the lives of thousands. Patty has spoken in front of royalty, thought leaders and influencers around the world.

Her Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ method is a cutting-edge approach that transforms the lives of attendees helping them move beyond pain and limitation by accessing the power of the body to heal itself. 

Patty holds numerous certifications including a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Body/Mind Counseling and Energy Healing Therapy as well as being an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

She is the author of the #1 Best-Selling books: Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness. Patty hosts the TV show Consciousness is Sexy where she helps listeners unlock the innate wisdom in their bodies as well as to embrace their inner sexy! http://www.PattyAlfonso.Sexy