What if you could live orgasmically in every area of your life?


What if you could live orgasmically in every area of your life?

What if you could include the consciousness of your body in the creation of your life?

Did you know that 93% of women and 83% of men have experienced body shame as some point in their lives?

We have created a culture that ignores, despise, devalues, disparages and shames us and our bodies.  

This trend is leading to unhealthy relationships, perpetual self-judgment, lowered sex drives and a general sense of despair.

When you cut yourself off from our body, you end up cutting off your awareness and your aliveness. 

What if there is something else possible?

The key to orgasmic living is in your body and you can have it beyond the bedroom.

This is exactly why I became an expert on energy and bodies...

I’m Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer.

I spent the first 31 years of my life completely disconnected to my body due to trauma and repeated abuse. I knew that if I didn’t change something I would die un-fulfilled and miserable. I began my journey towards healing the disconnect from my body and was inspired to do the same for others.

For the past 15 years I’ve dedicated my life to empowering men and women to live orgasmically by including their bodies in their life. I travel the world speaking about the magic of bodies, sex, pleasure and joy. I would not be doing this work if it wasn’t for my body.

If I can do it, so can you...

There is so much joy and pleasure to be had on this beautiful planet! Your body has the innate consciousness to guide you in creating the life of your dreams. Whatever that may be for YOU.

Are you desiring to have more communion with your body?

Are you ready to have more fun and pleasure in the bedroom?

Can you imagine living with more joy and energy in every area of your life?

Did you know that your body has untapped wisdom that could lead you to a life of ease, joy, fun and pleasure?

What would it be like to break free from your limitations around your body, sex, money and relationships?

Are you ready? If so, keep reading!

I am so excited to share The Orgasmic Body Love Experience with you, because I know first hand how transformative it is.

Together, we’ll go on a journey into your body... 

  • We’ll unlock your potency, deepen your connection with your body and discover the magnificent you that has always been there.
  • We’ll let go of all the judgments, should's, should not's and limitations that you’ve been using to stop you.
  • You’ll be the person who creates everything that you desire.

Don’t be surprised if after The Orgasmic Body Love Experience you:

  • Reconnect to your true joy, radiance and passion
  • Reclaim your potency and your voice
  • Enliven your sensuality and deepen your intuition
  • Increase your willingness to receive everything
  • Get clear on what you desire and what does not work for you
  • Enhance your ability to say “yes” and “no” with confidence
  • Develop deeper connection in your relationships 
  • Create greater intimacy with yourself and your body
  • Fall in love with the beauty of your body

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In this 5-week online program, you’ll join a community of incredible people who are also dedicated to creating an amazing life with an out of this world relationship to their body.

You’ll play with various videos, lessons and participate in monthly group coaching calls . 

The program includes:

  • 5 Modules, with teaching videos that include exercises to help you integrate what you’ve learned (as well as orientation and graduation modules!)
  • Support in our private community with monthly group coaching calls on Zoom
  • Membership site with all curriculum content plus additional features and bonuses
  • Private Facebook Group for additional support in between calls

Here's what you'll learn in each module...


This module welcomes you to the course, and tells you how to make the most of participating in the Orgasmic Body Love Experience. A pre-program Assessment and a Discovery Survey are included to get you started on the journey.

Module 1: Awaken Your Senses 

Did you know your body is always communicating with you? This module introduces you to your body in a whole new way. We will begin the process of waking YOU up to all the sensations your body has to gift to you and what she/he has to say.

Module 2: Unlock Your Body

You can’t create something new if you’re holding on to the past! In this module, you will gently release past trauma from your cellular memory with simple, easy to do exercises. This is a process of going inward and connecting to your body in a new way.

Module 3: Create Intimacy with You (and your body!)

To have true intimacy with another, you must have intimacy with yourself and with your body. In this module, you’ll deepen the level of trust, gratitude, honor, vulnerability and allowance you have which will create the space for you to easily communicate what works and doesn’t work for you.

Module 4: Live Orgasmically

By the time we reach Module 4 you’ll be well on your way to living orgasmically! In this module, we will also un-pack the lies of sex and intimacy so you can begin turning your energy towards the world around you.  

Module 5: Unleash All of You 

Now that you and your body are on the same page, creating in communion and enjoying each other, what would you like to create? In this module, we’ll explore the elements of creation and dive into what is next for you! 

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What others are saying:

I am so grateful for everything that has changed in my life since working with Patty. 

The biggest change is actually being present with my body in a completely different way! From the time I was first judged as being pretty and received attention from boys as a young girl, I went from loving my body to judging it, and gaining weight to hide from the attention. 

Since our work together I have created a new business which I LOVE, re-located to the city of my dreams, deepened my relationship with my husband and my kids and I have a lust for living that is orgasmic! 

Today, I am grateful for my body. I feel like we are on the same team, that she is my best friend, who is here to enjoy this life with me. I know that my body is the KEY to my happiness and I am again so grateful for everything you have shown me is possible. 

~ Maria Gregori, USA

After all the times of listening to the bonus Energetic Awakening of Being session, today was the first time I truly heard it, felt it, and experienced it Orgasmically! 

WOW! What an experience! 

Feeling joyful and grateful for this course! 

~ Tami, USA

I am deeply grateful for the support Patty has been for me. It has been a process of relaxing more and more into myself. I have discovered joy and gratefulness whereI could only see dead ends and darkness. 

The way Patty is uncompromisingly present has been such an inspiration to me and an invaluable contribution to allow myself to be that quality for myself. She embodies kindness and allowance. Patty is a true invitation for anyone to choose to be their greatness!  

The things I have been asking to create with my body, and my business are finally showing up! More vulnerability, more kindness, more energy and stepping up more that ever!  

Thank you Patty! What else is possible now?

~ Lars Bek, Denmark

SPACE, AWARENESS and MORE, MORE, MORE are the words that keep repeating in my universe after working with Patty Alfonso. Patty’s brought me to a level of consciousness with embodiment in this reality. A concept that is totally new to me in words. And in doing so, I have a HAPPY BODY, way more giggles, more communion with Earth, the universe, animals, others and myself, and am inviting it all to create with me. 

Create from a space that I haven’t been willing to show up in for what feels like a long time. 

Since working together I was able to create the job of my dreams, I met and married a wonderful, kind man and we are now creating our dream life in our dream home, I have no words for the amount of ease, joy and glory in my world and so much gratitude for all the change that has occurred!

If you’re ready to change, I wonder what working with Patty Alfonso can create with you?

~Courtney Feely, USA

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