Pole Dancing For Consciousness Video E-Course
Now that you’ve opened the door to more of you, would you like to step through it?
In this Video E-Course, you will get 6 additional videos designed to:
~ Open the lines of communication with your body
~ Increase your willingness to receive
~ Invite you to more gratitude for your body

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All the benefits of the Free AND Silver Memberships PLUS….The Essence of You Warm-up Video
What have you locked into your body that is now demanding to be released?
Add this video to your membership and release everything that is making you rigid, stiff, numb and shut down. The video is filled with slow, purposeful movements designed to tone your body, build muscle and invite your body to awaken your sensual energies.
The Essence of You Video is designed to:
~ Release tension and reduce stress
~ Develop a healthier relationship with your body
~ Awaken your senses and sensuality
~ Discover what gives your body pleasure
~ Includes (2) PDF Special Reports with even more tools!
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This package includes All the benefits of the Silver and Gold Memberships PLUS….

A 90 minute facilitation session via skype with Patty Alfonso!

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