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These sessions are valued at $1,000 but since you found your way here...

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“My Session with Patty was just what I needed to move forward! Patty listened and asked questions that invited me to see things from a different perspective!  I’m now including me and honouring me in my choices with my body!  It’s creating more congruency in having what I truly desire and I'm so grateful! Thank you Patty for your potent facilitation, awesome awareness, and invitation to choose greater!  If you’re looking for clarity Patty will help you get clear!"

Leann P., Canada

"I had amazing insights after my Body Love Discovery Session with Patty!  I'm noticing real changes in my relationship with my body which is creating changes in my relationship with my boyfriend! 

I'm also nurturing my body with more gentleness and tenderness and it feels SO GOOD!  Thank you for the amazing session Patty!"

Veronica, Brazil

"OMG Patty!  This Body Love Discovery Session has changed everything for me!  What an amazing call!  You facilitate with kindness, courage and gentle laser brams of consciousness!  that one question you asked me is still rippling through my psyche and opening doors of possibility. I'm so happy to be on your team now! THANK YOU!"

Eileen, Canada

"My body has been waiting for this work my whole life! 

You helped me learn how to TRUST my body, my choices and my creativity.  Now there is more money, more joy and way more pleasure in every moment."

Kathy, USA

How does this work?

  • Upon payment, you’ll be asked to fill out the Body Love Discovery Session Form so that we can get to know you better.
  • Then, you’ll be able to schedule your time to speak with Patty or one of her Body Whispering Team members.
  • Body Love Discovery Sessions are non-refundable and must be scheduled within ONE week of purchase!

A Body Love Discovery Session is for you if…

  • You know you can have more in life and are ready for it now
  • You are in judgment of your body and you’re over it
  • You are ready for more pleasure in your life
  • You know you need support in this area and you’re ready to say yes to you
  • You know the value of this offer and will show up on time and ready to dive in
  • You are fully committed to you and your body

A Body Love Discovery Session is NOT for you if:

  • You are not willing to do whatever it takes to have the change you are asking for
  • You are not able to invest in yourself (both financially and with your time)
  • You secretly like being stuck so people will feel sorry for you
  • You just want to complain about your problems without taking action

What if your life could be filled with more pleasure, more joy, more ease and more money no matter what is going on around you?


I believe now is the time to take the next step to include your body in every area of your life.

These sessions are valued at $1,000 but since you found your way here...

Schedule Your Session TODAY for only...

$500 USD