Are you ready to BE the person who creates everything you desire?

Discover the Secrets to Creating the Life & Living Your Body Love

Does your life light you up? 

Do you wake up every day delighted about what's ahead?

Are you living every moment orgasmically? 

If you were not able to say YES to any of these questions above, then keep reading...

Over the last 10 years, I've grown my business from a small one-on-one healing practice to a 6-figure global facilitation business. I've spoken all of over the world, written two best-selling books, developed sought after high-end coaching programs, and created a multi-city media tour to share my passion for orgasmic living.   

In this special class, I'm sharing with you the 3 secrets I've discovered (and used) to create a life and living beyond my wildest dreams.

Is now the time for you to create the life and living that only you know is possible?

Investment in YOU: $127


In this 90 minute class you will learn:

  • How to activate the (3) levels of confidence you need to be able to take those new bold actions on the things you’ve been scared to do (and have always wanted to!)
  • Why living orgasmically is imperative to creating your wildest life imagined and my #1 tool that you can start using today to make that happen.
  • My personal secret hack for massive transformation in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • AND... I’ll teach you the 3 key energies I’ve seen over and over again in the lives of women who are LIVING their best life.  When you embody these energies, the world opens up to YOU and YOUR desires.


You’ll also receive an Energetic Awakening of Being Activation

(Valued at $150)

The truth is, you’re not going to be able to access orgasmic living from the same frequency that you’re on right now. This EAB Activation is my special magic where I tap into the energy of what needs to be cleared and shifted. I do the energy work, run the clearings so that you sit back, relax, and experience the truth of who you really are - beyond the limitations.

It’s designed to invite you to more of you. It will contribute to opening the lines of communication between your body and what he/she would like to contribute to your life and living!

Holy Moly!!!  This Energetic Awakening of Being blew me away!!!  I listen to it daily!! Patty’s hypnotic voice playfully draws me into effortless expansion and I am awash in the energies of my desires. As the thrum of the energies builds, with each clearing, I find myself engulfed in the totality of it all and lost in the wonderment of this pure magic!! So much gratitude for these truly amazing contributions to my life!! How did I get so lucky to find these?  So truly grateful for you Patty... thank you!!

JS, Canada

What’s included:

  • 90-minute Video Recording of the Class 
  • Downloadable Audio Recordings for the Class so you can listen again and again from your favorite device
  • Downloadable Workbook for the Class so you can take notes and put into practice what you learn right away!

BONUS:  Energetic Awakening of Being Activation

Investment in YOU: $127

What do my clients have to say about playing with me?

Working with Patty has led me to a new level of living in communion with my body. I’ve stepped into truly including my body in all aspects of life and to acknowledge the wonderful contribution that she (my body) is in my life.  Appreciating my body and being grateful for her, has led to life flowing with more ease and joy. I have finally let go and allowed my body to enjoy what she really likes and desires in life!! Since this is a new process for me, I constantly refer back to the tools that she taught me and I’m beyond grateful!!

~ Karen O., USA

I am deeply grateful for the support Patty has been for me in our work together. It has been a process of relaxing more and more into myself. I have discovered joy and gratefulness where I could only see dead ends and darkness. The way Patty is uncompromisingly present in a session has been such an inspiration to me and an invaluable contribution to allow myself to be that quality for myself.  She embodies kindness and allowance.  Patty is a true invitation for anyone to choose to be their greatness. The things I have been asking to create with my body and my business are finally showing up! More vulnerability, more kindness, more energy, and stepping up more than ever!  Thank you, Patty!

~ Lars B., Denmark

I have attended many of Patty's classes over the past year on a variety of topics: sex and intimacy, money, and creation and I am so incredibly grateful to her for being such a present and potent facilitator. She has this amazing ability to get right at the core of my challenge and fast. Patty holds the space in a gentle but fiercely present way and this helps me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and break down the stories I tell myself. She is excellent at giving relevant examples from her own life and being an inspiring example.

~Cheryl M. Canada

 Patty, you have these capacities with bodies that are so phenomenal! What a huge level of gifting and receiving it is to play with you! You are kind, sweet, funny, and so incredibly potent in your facilitation. My time with you has changed more than I ever imagined was possible. I really got receiving from my body in a totally different way… my willingness to receive from my body is infinite now! Thanks so much, Patty. You ROCK!!!

~ Glenyce Hughes, Canada

Patty Alfonso is The Orgasmic Body Whisperer.  A Master Facilitator, Renowned Coach, and Bestselling Author. Patty is a sought-after motivational speaker, writer, and teacher across the globe who has notably changed the lives of thousands.  Patty has spoken in front of royalty, government officials, thought leaders, and influencers around the world.

The Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ and Orgasmic Body Love Experience™ methods are a cutting-edge approach that transforms the lives of her clients, helping them move beyond pain and limitation by accessing the amazing power of the body to heal itself.  The process helps people discover how to improve the mind and body, dramatically enhancing their physical being, business careers, emotional intimacy, and their relationship with self and others.

Patty holds numerous certifications ranging from a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology to Body/Mind Counselor and Energy Healing Therapist Certifications.

She is the author of the #1 International Best-Selling books: Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness.  Patty hosts the weekly TV show Orgasmic Living where she helps listeners to unlock the innate wisdom stored in their bodies as well as to embrace living orgasmically.

Born in Puerto Rico, Patty currently resides in California, and is a global traveler and facilitator, enjoys horseback riding, and creating her business with ease, joy, and glory! http://www.PattyAlfonso.Sexy

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