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The Warm Up Video


Discover the you that’s always been there…
This 30 minute video is filled with stretches, conscious breath, conscious touch and slower purposeful movements designed to tone your body, build muscle and invite your body to awaken your sensual energies.
The Essence of You is an invitation for a new way of being with your body. I’ve combined the tools of Access Consciousness™ and Pole Dancing For Consciousness™ to create something totally different and unique.

Are you READY to infuse your body with the aliveness of you?


~ Release tension and reduce stress
~ Strengthen and tone your muscles
~ Unlock places in your body where you are holding limiting patterns
~ Discover the limitations you have in regards to touch
~ Develop a deeper connection with your breath
~ Open the lines of communication with your body
~ Invite you to have more gratitude for your body
~ Develop a healthier relationship with your body
~ Awaken your senses and sensuality
~ Discover what gives your body pleasure
~ Deepen your connection in relationships


~ Have better self-esteem
~ Develop your intuition
~ Increase your awareness
~ Increase your willingness to receive
~ Get clear on what works for you
~ Get clear and what does not work for you
~ Enhance your ability to say “yes” and “no” with confidence
~ Develop deeper connection in your relationships
~ Create greater intimacy
~ Increase your ability to communicate your desires
~ Have better orgasms and even multiple orgasms!

You will receive:

  • The 30 minute guided warm-up video hosted in your Membership Area
  • The Essence of You Guide to use in addition to the video…a new way of being with your body.
  • The mp3 audio file of the guided meditation used in the video…once you’ve got the moves down, you can use this mp3 anywhere!

You will also receive:

  • A digital copy of my International Best Selling Book: Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness (Valued at $10)
  • The Essence of You Taster Program: 21 days of emails and videos designed to explore the magic of your body and learn how it can contribute to your life and living. (Valued at $47)


Thank you Patty for you and everything you have shown me. You looked so beautiful and sensual during the warm up sessions I had with you. It help me recognize how much I had locked myself up, how stiff I had become and how much I have been holding onto. I watch you and feel so inspired to be unlocked. I feel the sexualness of my body with no point of view and judgment. The space and kindness you be and create, encourages so much fun and a little naughtiness. And you even made me feel ok for me to have a little rendezvous with a pole! Super excited to have your video series! How does it get any better than that? ~ Kirsty Taylor, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Patty, I didn’t know what to expect! I’ve been practicing loving my body, no matter what shape or size for years, but I didn’t know that I was hiding my sensualness from myself! I would only turn it on or up in front of others. This class and your invitation to embody all of me changed my energy, strengthened my relationships, increased the revenue in my business, allowed me to connect to ideas I didn’t even know were there, and changed the way I see the world! I highly recommend your work to anyone looking to BE all of them in every area of their life! ~Katherine McIntosh Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Hi Patty, thank you so much for being the invitation for me to choose something different! Being part of your live Essence of You Video Warm-Up at the 7 Day Event in New Zealand got my body moving in ways it has desired for so long … My body and I loved it and are truly grateful for you. Looking forward to playing with your video and having more fun. Big Hugs to you Beautiful ~ Rosie Todorova, Auckland, New Zealand

I‘ve been missing the meditative kind of class that brings me back into my body and closer to my sensual self. Patty’s ability to slowly and intuitively guide gives me a chance to experience my body in a grounded, real way. I use my Essence of You video everyday and I love it! ~Diane W., Denver, CO